Friday, March 25, 2011

Lush fresh face mask cosmetic warrior

I have a serious addiction no actually it's an obsession and it's with lush I just discovered it, I know where the f have I been. I have been spending some serious moola on lush products but I don't care I'm in love.

so anyways I recently got a fresh face mask: cosmetic warrior it says it's for spots, oily areas, blackheads, me me me so I thought I would try it.

I tried it today and a lot of reviews said it smelled horrible and some people said it made them wanna puke and that they could not even use it but I didn't mind the smell. yeah it didn't smell yummy but not bad at all just a little like garlic.

The smell did not bother or offend me at all and the results were so worth it, my face was so clean and refreshed and it even looked brightened.

after one use I love the results and plan to use it every 2-3 days to make sure I use it before it expires since they only last 3 weeks since they are so fresh, and make sure I get my money's worth ( not like $5.95 is expensive).

so i hope the results keep getting better with more uses, so overall really liked this product another win for me from lush and looks like this will be a staple in skin care regime.

Purple spring mani

First layer confetti belle of the ball 2 layers

second layer sinful colors purple diamond ( ♥ this color) 1 layer.

Last layer Nicole by opi one less lonely glitter from Justin beiber collection. sorry I couldn't get any good pics so I gave up and sorry for the messy paint job I left my cleanup brush at home and I'm at work..

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nicole by opi spring collection& Justin beiber

Just some swatches of two colors from the Nicole spring collection & one from JB collection. This is two coats of each no top coat.

- make a comet-ment
- nicoles nickel
- one less lonely glitter

I do like the new brush design it makes application easier.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sephora haul!!!!

I love love love these brushes!! So cute and so soft!! The only problem is how to store them I don't know I don't wanna ruin the ends with the little characters any ideas?

I have the Teddy bear hair set by too faced and now my set is complete with this one! Yay

I was going to get the girl meets pearl by benefit but they had this where I could try that and 3 other of their best products for the same price which I thought was better since I can try them
And see what I actually like before committing to full sizes.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Huge lush haul!! Yay for me

I got even more stuff but did not wanna unwrap the packaging since I was not using it for a while I love lush it is my newest obsession and I am OBSESSED Let me tell you but i normally could not afford this or even be allowed to spend this kinda moola on it but somebody wanted the new iPad so in exchange I got to spend 500 on whatever i wanted so I spent 325 at lush and 175 at sephora yay I will post the sephora haul when i get it in the mail I am so happy right now I had the best shower with all my new lush products I am absolutely in love with the Sultana of soap it smells sooooo good I was in heaven and it made me feel happy and the smell lingered so long all my co workers kept telling me how good I smelled. Loved it...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Essie French affair & CG broken hearted

This is two coats of Essie French affair and one coat broken hearted crackle, the pics do not do it justice it's way nicer in person but whateve....

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nicole make a comet-ment vs. Covergirl city lights possible dupe!

I just got the make a comet-ment by Nicole by o.p.i yesterday and I noticed it looked a lot like my CG city lights and holding them up together they looked exactly the same! Is it a possible dupe??

This is three coats of each my pointer finger is CG city lights and my middle is Nicole make a comet-ment the city lights is much more sheer and looks like it will take double the coats to get the opacity of the make a comet-ment so overall they are not dupes but probably could be with enough coats.

Small but expensive haul from target

I think target restocked there shelves with new lines of Nicole by o.p.i because I had promised myself I was not going to buy any polishes and ended spending like over 50$ in nail stuff! Shhhh.. So bad but they had the complete line of Justin Bieber polishes all of them! And then they have another section that contained their spring line and a whole lot of other polishes I had to limit myself to just 3 oh it was so hard so many pretty colors!!!
The ones I got were
1. One less lonely glitter (jb collection) so pretty
2. Make a comet-ment ( I think it's a holo)
3. Nicoles nickel ( I tried to put this back but then swatched it and had to have it)
Then I got essies All in one base coat since I wanted to start using one.
Also essies disappearing trick cuticle remover I've been looking for a better cuticle remover.

Does it look like a holo? I will swatch them tomorrow in the day time.

I loved this nail file from Sally hansens new collection of manicure tools so I got the cuticle pusher and the nail clippers too I really like them!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I got me some CRACKLES & my first holo!

I know they are old news but I barely got my hands on some just because I thought I should have some and I love them! And I got my first holo! From the china glaze tronica collection I got the last one they had so I had no choice on color but I like a lot, it's mega bite a mustard yellow very pretty the pic is two coats and then I topped it with the pink china glaze crackle and I'm loving it! I'm hooked on crackles! Lol

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Benefit coralista & Smashbox O-Glow

The coralista alone I didn't really like it but when
I combine it with smashbox o-glow the result
Looks amazing I'm so loving it!! This combo looks so nice on my skin tone and I get a lot
compliments when I wear it, and the coralista smells so good. Both of these products alone didn't impress me but together the outcome is amazing! And the brush that comes with the coralista is cute and works really well and its the only one that I've ever used that came with the product.