Saturday, January 7, 2012

Notd & new nail polish storage

Well how do you do? I'm kinda sick at the moment I've been in bed all day trying to sleep it off. I did this mani yesterday, but I still have it on. I used Barry M for the first time this is dusky mauve it's so beautiful it has very nice pink shimmer, then I placed some stars from Kleancolor blind date it's ok I guess.

Then I got a new storage for nail polish I used to have handmade racks that I loved, but I don't have the counter space in my new spot for them. So I had to do something else. I was checking online for ideas and I found on temptalias blog that she got a dresser thing from Ikea that she said fits the polish perfect, so I got it and I really like it. All my polishes fit perfectly and I have plenty of room for more! Yay I present you the Alex from ikea...

P.s yes I built it all by myself I was so proud that I didn't need anyone's help especially not from a man.