california girls

 Ive seen other bloggers have buttons and like a club for they're country, state region or what have you so i though us california bloggers should get out own little club I'm not trying to exclude anyone or think I'm better but i just think its cute! if your a california blogger like me leave a comment on this post and i will make a list of my fellow cali girls, i don't know how many of us are out there but it will be fun to see...
and below is the button for your blog make sure it has the link back to this post...
i don't know how to really organize this or if I'm some how doing something wrong if i am please let me know again i just thought this would be cute!

To put the badge on your blog, just save the pic and place it wherever you want. Don’t forget to link it back to
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2. MARIA from nailsmadesimple