Monday, August 29, 2011

Did I just make my own prism?

What do you think? Does it look like a sally hansen prism? I saw on another blog that old loose eyeshadow or pigments can be used to mix in polish, I'm sorry I don't know whose blog it was, if it's you please let me know so i can credit your genius, so I added this old pigment that I've had probably almost 10 years and I don't ever use it so I had some clear and voila! I really like it and I love the fact that I recycled some old eyeshadow, have you guys tried this yet? The pictures are two coats and a coat of seche. I think I will name it homemade prism, or maybe not that kinds sounds cheesy lol. any suggestions on names?

This is an inside light shot, see how it looks green...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Nfu oh 50

This is my second nfu oh polish I've used and it does not disappoint, formula on these polishes is very good and the brush is very nice and dry time is great I was able to apply another layer right after the first layer dried, the first picture is one coat over black and the second picture is the polish by itself 4 coats and a coat of seche, this polish is definitely better for layering it's pretty sheer alone but I just wanted to show you what it looks like by itself.

Friday, August 26, 2011

The best presents are the ones I give myself!

I'm getting my birthday presents to myself early, this is one of them this is one of my top long time lemmings!
Nfu oh 51! I'm so happy I finally got this beautiful lacquer. I have no words just pictures, enjoy!

And these are the rest of her buddies swatches to come soon! Does anyone else have and adore this polish as much as I do? and I have to say nfu oh bottles are the most beautiful polish bottles I've ever seen they are so cute!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Color club volt of light

Volt of light is from the electro candy collection, this is three coats and a coat of seche, this color is a bright yellow with mix of blue and green shimmer, application was good especially for yellow I don't know about anyone else but I sometime dread yellow colors because sometimes they take a ridiculous amount of coats but this one did not I was satisfied with the three.
(friendly reminder if you would like a chance to win this color and the set don't forget to enter my giveaway

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sally Hansen prism turquoise opal (borrowed)(pic heavy)

I was at my sisters house and she was going to paint our moms nails and I was looking through her stash and she has 3 prisms that I'm guessing she has had for a long time, I can't believe she had them! the one that caught my eye was this one turquoise opal it's beyond gorgeous, I put it on over my previous mani of the mood polish and it looks amazing! I could not stop staring at it, it changes from blue to green to purple and maybe more, I can now see what all the fuss is about, I don't know if I'm willing to pay the 30$ price tag they have on evilbay but I can definitely see why someone would, I would give my sister 20$ for it or any polish or polishes she would want out of my stash for it so sis if your reading if you ever wanna sell it let me know, but I don't blame you if you don't I wouldn't let go of this polish ever.
Sorry for so many pics I was trying to capture the many colors this polish changes too! Oh and sorry for the chipped polish on my middle finger I couldn't do a touch up, since I don't own it.

P.s I just got my nubar 2010 and had to swatch it over this mani so the last pic is nubar 2010.

Indoor lighting which actually caught the different colors better I think!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mood polish

I got this mood polish at rite aid, it has no brand name that I know, it just says mood struck so I'm assuming that's the name and brand and then it says color changing nail polish since the polish has no name it just has a picture of the color it starts on then of the color it can change to, I say can because for the life of me I could not get it to change I tried hot water and holding the nails in my palms, and i don't  do hot so I was not about to go sit outside for 20 min in the blistering heat to see my polish change from blue to purple, so I'm sorry but I don't have a picture of the color that it changes into. Enough stupid banter on to the pics, the first is no top coat, now the finish of this polish is not shiny, but not quite matte somewhere in between, i wanna say satin, sateen? I don't know I could have sworn I seen that term on the blogosphere somewhere, If anyone knows the term please enlighten me, this is three coats, the formula is good, dry time decent. the last pic is one coat of seche.

p.s this polish cost 3.99$ at rite aid, I really like the color and would definitely purchase more.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


I had the hardest time capturing this manicure it looks way better than my pictures are showing, I wanted to do a ruffian manicure and royal navy is such a gorgeous color I thought it would look great matte and I actually like it shiny better but in RL not in pictures so that's all for now, hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Sinful Colors•paradise and some nail art fail

Paradise is a beautiful color formula is a little thick but very easy to work with and it's a one coater dry time was decent even though it's thick, I liked the brush it made app easier, this one coat and a coat of seche, then I have some nail art that was ok and then I have huge nail art fail the kind where you say what the f was I thinking! Seriously what? it wasn't even worth a sunlight shot but I wanted to share the fail cuz it's progress, I do like this color matte like on my middle finger on the ok nail art pic, ok well talk to you later my sweet peeps!

For the fail I wanted to try some
Scotch tape art and somewhere it went all wrong! it's so horendous!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pink ♥ wed, orly flirty

Happy pink wed, I think I may have said it before but I love an excuse to wear pink, I saw this color on another blog can't remember whose sorry but I loved it so much, I think it's one of those true barbie pinks and this has very nice shimmer, formula was a little on the thick side but its easily a one coater it did take a little longer to dry than I'm use to because I attempted some nail art and it got all dented and I was too bummed to start over, plus I had a screaming child wanting my attention lol she wasn't screaming just whining, ok well have a great pink wed people.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Extavagence indeed

Opi ds extravagance! Wow this color is amazing I'm so in love with it I just purchased this at ulta yesterday, boy is ulta a dangerous place for wallets I spent 60$ on 4 polishes, crazy I know, I'm sad that my pics did in no way catch even half of how gorgeous this color is in RL but I've seen on other blogs that it's pretty hard to capture it's true beauty, formula is a dream it applies perfectly and if your careful you can easily get away with one coat, I adore it so much Im debating going back and getting a back up, I got mine for 12.50$ at ulta, do you have this polish too? Do you love it too?
(sorry for so many pics i couldn't decide since they are all meh...)

Thursday, August 11, 2011




The Rules:
1. Link back to the person who awarded this award to you
2. Share 7 Random things about yourself
3. Answer the following questions
4. Award 15 blogs
1. Thank you to OPINIONATED LITTLE FINGER for including me i feel super special... thanks hun

Seven Things About Me:
1. my favorite season is fall
2. i love rainbows
3. i love david bowie
4. i have one brother& one sister
5. I am a huge animal lover especially kittehs i really want a scotish fold but my daughter is allergic so i cant have one :-(
6. I cant wait to have my own house
7. I'm sick of my job and really need a new one
Name your favourite color – pink
Name your favourite song – coconut records nighttiming
Name your favourite dessert – chocolate cake
What is pissing you off? – idiots at work
When you’re upset, you? – don't speak, lol i also stop talking too, when im mad im DONE!
Your favourite pet – :-( dont has one at the moment but i treasure my moms lil poodle jake.
Black or White? – White i guess
Your biggest fear? – something happening to my daugher, spiders
My best feature is – hair
Everyday attitude – happy, helpful
What is perfection – my daughter
Guilty pleasure – Sangria, and greasy food

The 15 blogs I'm passing the award to, are:
8.) janelle
10.) little bit of color


Essie turquoise & caicos and scotch tape art

I talked myself out of purchasing t&c more than once telling myself I have similar minty greens then I saw one of my fav YouTube gurus with it on and I could not take my eyes off it so I had to have it, and I'm so glad I did I absolutely love it! It's gorgeous and not at all like any of my minty greens in my stash, and then I had wanted to try a scotch tape design nailside did which looked so effin awesome so I did and can I say I am so loving the ish out of it I didn't have time to do all my nails but I'm so digging the one accent nail, and she made this awesome tutorial which was so helpful and easy even an art challenge defect like me was
Able to do it not as perfect but I'm so happy with it, you can check out the tutorial here, thanks again I doubt she reads my blog but just in some odd case she clicks on the wrong page thanks girl! So what u think isn't t&c gorgeous?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pink wed • sinful colors soul mate

Happy pink wed, fellow pink lovers this wed I wanted to show you my new fav pink soul mate it originally came out for valentines day, it's described as a muted peachy pink with a melon twist, I really like it and have nothing like it in my stash and it's a one coater! formula was a little thick but thats to be expected with a one coater, I did notice that it took a little longer than normal for dry time but not bad and I don't care I adore this color so much, and me being me I had to stamp it and ruin it, next time I'm leaving it alone it's beautiful on it's own. This is one coat and a coat of seche vite.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

so nice when you get an award....

The Rules  
Link to the person you got it from. 
Tell seven things about yourself. 
Give the award to ten bloggers.

Thank you to maria for awarding me with this award!

7 things about me 

  • i love being a mommy
  • I love sangria lol 
  • I'm 27 years young
  • I love twilight ( go team jacob)
  • my fav show is seinfeld
  • I love to cook and wanna be a chef
  • my mammy is my best friend

    award 10 bloggers sorry if you already received it...

    8.) janelle
    Ok I'm too lazy to get 10 plus most of you probably already have it...

Confetti white knights

I've never really been into nudes or light colors, before I got into blogging i was mainly into pinks but the blogosphere has opened my eyes and made me discover and try new colors, I don't know what made me pick up this color, but I really like it and how it looks naturally beautiful I'm bad at describing colors but its a sheer beige kinda white not really white but off white, formula was good no complaints dry time was decent this is only one coat i didn't like it as Much with two coats, I didn't find any swatches of it anywhere so I thought I would share with you because I love the classy elegant look it gives I think I would be perfect for a wedding, what do you think? Do you like it?

I purchased mine at cvs for 1.99$

Monday, August 8, 2011

Small haul from sallys, rite aid & target

I fulfilled a major lemming and got some other much wanted polishes!

From sallys I got orly flirty, orly royal navy, and this delicious mango smelling cuticle remover.

At rite aid I got sinful colors soul mate which I'm loving the pants off of it, cuz I have nothing like it's so beautiful, and i also got sinful paradise.

Then at target i finally got Essie turquoise and caicos which I've been wanting an talked myself out of on many occasions. I'm glad I did because there is nothing like it in my stash! Yay ok goodnight sweet and lovely readers I just wanted to share my goodies.

Friday, August 5, 2011

My first sponge Attempt

I've been wanting to try a sponge method its such a cool idea this one didn't not come out as great as I like but it was really simple and easy so I plan on trying again with better luck and maybe more colors I wish I would have done blue on the tips to make it look like sky gah! That would have been awesome, next time for sure. So for this mani I used:
Revlon beach
Orly coquette cutie
Sally Hansen HD cyber
Jesses girl firefly
BM 70
And I used a makeup sponge

Should I have did the palm trees upside down?

Before stamp...
Revlon beach by itself which smells so yummy like sun tan lotion but a good smelling one.

50 follower giveaway color club electro candy (CLOSED)



I know it's not typical to do a giveaway for a measly 50 followers and I know the usual speech of " i thought nobody would ever follow my simple blog" BUT I really do feel that way I'm so grateful for all my 50 followers I have found so many lovely people who share my favorite things in the world! Nail polish, makeup, and kittehs! who knew there were so many of us out there! so to say thank you I wanted to have a little giveaway, here's what u can win...


Color club electro candy set that has 6 colors and a new top coat and a set of 3 elf polishes. I got a set for myself also so swatches coming soon and I will edit later with a pic.

You must be a follower via Google Friend Connect. NEW FOLLOWERS WELCOME, Tell me the name you follow under AND your email address. (Email will only be used to notify the winner.) +1
( open internationally)

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Any suggestions on what I can do to improve my blog, what polishes would you like to see, etc.? +1




Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pink wed • twisted pink & LCD

Happy pink wednesday!
I used Sally Hansen xtreme wear twisted pink and Sally Hansen HD LCD I love the hd lines by Sally Hansen they are the best for layering it just looks so gorgeous Im not good at describing colors but it looks like it has blue shimmer undertones, formula was great on both polishes no complaints, That is all not much today, this is my day off and I plan on having a relaxing day off with my princess, have a wonderful day fellow bloggers...
Who wouldn't wanna spend the day with this cutie!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

July favorites

Hello sweetie pies! Well here are my fav products for the month just some new things to me that I've been loving, so let's get to it..
1.) Sally Hansen nail file in fine: I love this file it's perfect for taking of the right amount and not too much which is what I use to always do and I would get all mad cuz I would file away all my length when all I was trying to do was shape them and the best price it was under 2$ at walmart.

2.) neutrogena fresh foaming cleanser: I have really bad adult acne and nothing has helped so I went to the dermatologist and she put me on meds and gave me a list of gentle cleansers to choose from I picked this one and I absolutely love it, it's gentle yet it gets all my makeup off and leaves me skin soft and super clean! It even takes off my mascara without leaving any residue or raccoon eyes, I've never had a cleanser that I didn't have to use oil or wipes first, love love this and I'm on my 2nd bottle and this is my go to cleanser.

3.) 4 way buffer block no name:I found at walmart in the travel section for .79 cents! I couldn't believe it and it works just as well as the expensive ones and I love how it's pink and purple.

4.) neutrogena foot cream: I have sand paper feet no matter what I do but I've been using this cream after every shower as sometimes before bed it feels like it soaks right in and I've notice my feet are softer than before but still not where I want them but I'm hoping after using this product longer my feet will eventually be soft.

5.) herbal essences long term relationship leave in split end protector for long hair: I recently highlighted my hair for summer and i regretted it because my looked and felt really dry after, but when I use this leave in conditioner my hair looks smooth and feels better and it smells so good.

6.) pur minerals 4-in-1 pressed mineral makeup:I received this in my Birchbox and I absolutely fell in love with it. I love the way it makes my face look, flawless and smooth and yet dewy all at the same time, I have been looking for a new powder foundation and I have found it, I'm going to purchase the full size when this trial size runs out but it might be a while because this is a pretty generous sample, thanks Birchbox, initially I was upset that I got this instead of the mini zoya polish everyone else got but in the end I'm so happy that I found my new staple powder foundation.

7.) Sally Hansen miracle cure for problem nails:I don't have problem nails really except i got some peeling but this said on the box that its guaranteed to stop peeling so I got it and I think it really works my nails are not peeling as much only a little left, so I seems to be helping.

8.) I forgot one other thing it's maybeline shine sensational pop stick in pink lollipop: I love how cute the packaging is and the product looks so cool how it's clear it gives my lips a very nice pink tint and smells yummy not much for moisturizing them but i like it anyway.

Milani 3d holos

I copied this from someone i just can't remember who?? If you know who please tell me! And it didn't come out the same way mine came out looking easter inspired I tried searching but I couldn't find it the blogger or post to see what i did wrong, so just a quick post since I didn't really like this one too much, and this is as good as my freehand skills go see how the lines are far from perfect, ok well ttyl my lovelies..