Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mine and my 3 year olds NOTD

When someone loves you they take an interest in what you love... ( it's a nice thought? Yeah?)

              (my notd is essie mojito madness & set in stones)

So my daughter saw me doing my nails and asked for hers to be painted too.

Funny thing is she ALWAYS messes them up, because it's so hard for a toddler to sit still long enough for nails to dry. And after every time I paint them and she messes them up, I tell her I'm never painting your nails again!

But I'm a sucker because that never happens. I'm always more than happy to paint them the next time she asks, completely forgetting or not caring what I said the time before.

Then when I pull out the light box. She comes running and shoves her hand in and poses, like she sees momma do.

Now enough rambling, may I present Beaux's nail of the day…

( She is wearing Opi if you moust you moust & essence hard to resist on her thumb. Which she decided, she is starting a new trend for a thumb accent finger lol)

laters, Me & Beaux

Monday, August 20, 2012

Pinterest inspired

Hello!Well I honestly didn't think I would be posting again so soon, but I saw a pic on Pinterest that I wanted to attempt. Mine did not come out quite like the picture but I'm still very happy with it. See what you think...

The picture above is most like the inspiration I seen. But I decided to add an extra color, to make it look sunset-y-ish. Lol I know not a word.

Also on Pinterest I saw someone said to use a makeup sponge applicator to do sponging. How smart is that? And it works perfectly, finally a use for those things.

Okie doke, hope you likes, bye friends.
P.s bottle shot


Colors used :
1. China glaze papaya punch
2. Essie fiesta
3. Orly charged up

Friday, August 17, 2012

Excuses & moon candy

Wow! I know right, I totally disappeared for a while. Well my excuses are as follows:

1. Got fired and I'm enjoying doing nothing, sleeping in late going to bed late.
2. Addicted to Pinterest
3. Fifty shades of grey series ( read all three in less than a month, love them!)
4. Playing 50's house wife lol
5. Zumba for the wii & I just started Insanity, C'mon skinny body! lol I'm crossing my fingers!

So not that I need any excuses but that's pretty much what I've been doing with my time. I still paint my nails all the time, and I've been enjoying wearing a polish a lot more than I use too, the blog can kinda feel like a job sometimes and I wasn't really enjoying my polish.  Plus since I'm not working I don't really have money to spend on polish and it's easier to not want any if I don't see or know about all the new collections coming out.

I did manage to get revlon moon candy. check it out…(sorry for the crummy pics and paint job I blame the polish, oh and I love my nails short now, they chip less)



I did not like these polishes. The polish was very thick and stringy. The base coat no matter how long you let dry would smear when you applied the shard like flake top coat. ( you can see what it on some of my nails). And I just did not like the way they looked. Finally they were super expensive. You can easily get the same effect for these polishes if you have the china glaze hunger games luxe and lush. So if I can find my receipt I'm gonna take both these back and get some of the new Essie's I saw.

On a different subject I just wanted to share a lil something I picked up from Pinterest. Now when I use to clean off my old polish I would use almost one cotton ball for every nail, very wasteful and I was always running out of cotton balls pretty fast. Apparently you can unravel the cotton ball and tear it into pieces and use only one cotton ball for all 10 fingers! Gah! I was amazed! So just wanted to share in case I'm not the only one who didn't know about this!

And lastly I wanted to share my new favorite cuticle oil! My friend went to Hawaii for vacation and brought me back this as a souvenir. I just love it, it smells amazing, it's so pretty with its real and tiny cute flowers floating around, and it's huge so it will last me forever! love love love!
Ok well good to be back, don't know if I will be back for good like before or if maybe I might just pop in once in a while when I got something worth writing home about! Love you all my blogging friends! Hope everyone is doing well!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Burt's bees herbal blemish stick and toner review

I purchased these two products when my onestep spray was all gone. They were under 10$ each. I am really liking them both and I am definitely seeing an improvement in my acne within only a few days use. My redness had improved and even the oil on my face has been reduced dramatically I don't even have to blot my face anymore.

I have a huge cluster of pimples by my chin and it's been there for a while but this combo has already improved it. It's a little strong smelling and they both sting a little but I like it, because it's giving me the illusion it's working.

So overall I'm really loving these two products and they are definitely working for me. The fact that they are more natural products is also a plus. I would recommend them, and I will repurchase when I run out. The blemish stick for sure, it's awesome.

The herbal blemish stick ingredients:
SD alcohol 40-B ( from yellow corn) Calendula flower oil, borage seed oil, yarrow oil, parsley seed extract, willow bark extract, lemon oil, fennel oil, water, tea tree oil, juniper oil, eucalyptus oil.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

The subtle-est stamp

Hiya! so how ya doing this fine Sunday afternoon? Me I'm just peachy, I am at work but I was thirty minutes late today, so I'm crossing my fingers that I will get fired in the next few days! Wish me luck!

So onto what I be rocking on my nails today. I'm wearing Essie she's picture perfect. Which is such a pretty purple, and formula is perfect in two coats, just a really great polish.

Then I stamped it with my new XL plates I got from Dulce from bunny nails giveaway I owe her a huge over due thank you these plates are sweet! Thanks so much Dulce!

 I stamped with orly au champagne and plate A, then topped off with opi I juggle men. So check it out, and let me know your thoughts. I was actually inspired by my new dove body wash winter care which I love!! It's so moisturizing I don't need lotion!

Okay I'm all over the place in this post but I'm done now, buh-bye!

she's picture perfect alone

with stamp

with i juggle men



AcneOne step spray review

Ok first off I suffer from horrible adult acne, and I'm always trying stuff to help. I watch a  lovely girl on YouTube who also suffers from acne, and she reviewed this acne one step  spray saying it worked well for her. So I decided to try it, I purchased it online for like 30$ plus tax shipping was free.

Now my OPINION/ review: It didn't help ME at  all, it only lasted a little over two weeks using a few sprays once a day in the morning. I feel like it was too expensive to only last two weeks and to not help my acne at all. 

EDIT: since my review the company has contacted me and kindly offered to send me some more product to try it for longer, so I can get give a fair review of the product. They asked if I could try it out for a month. I am sorry to say that I declined because I have already moved onto trying something new. So I do take back my initial review which I agree was pretty harsh. I do stand by what I said about it being too expensive. The product would cost around $65 for a month supply, since one spray only lasted me two weeks using very sparingly. I can't afford that, I thought the one spray bottle for $30 was expensive. So the only thing I can say is that the product did not help me with the amount that I purchased. If you are going to try this product make sure you can afford to purchase two bottles or enough to last you for a month in order to see results.


Friday, April 27, 2012

3 new Essie's

Good evening, I recently purchased some Essie polishes at target, I used all three for this manicure. I just love me some shimmer...especially matte shimmah!!!

If you wanna see the steps stay tuned...

                                           STEP 1 ESSIE PINK-A-BOO



                                  LAST  STEP MATTE


Monday, April 23, 2012

So yeah...

Why hello there friends! Fancy seeing you here....
Not that your suppose to notice, but I have not been around lately, and the reason for that is I was feeling really depressed and kinda stressed out from some things going on in my life. Im guessing it got so bad that I actually had an anxiety attack, and I had to go to urgent care. I was prescribed some sleeping pills and some anti depressants. I'm feeling better, I'm sleeping more and I'm trying not to let things stress me out.  I should have known something was wrong because I didn't even wanna paint my nails or purchase any polish, and that's so not like me. I know I did not need to explain my absence and don't cry for me Argentina, but I consider my regulars very good friends and I wanted to tell ya.
 So after naked nails forever, I painted mine today. I really love the designs that have been floating around the blogosphere with part of the nail naked. chalkboard nails has a really pretty one and nailside too! So I gave it a go with some of my favorite colors china glaze aquadelic and dance baby. I wanted to do a tape design but I forgot my tape at home, so I freehanded some lines and used a dotting tool. Whatcha say? It was nice to see ya again, hopefully I get back into the swing of things...


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day 2 of MOPC plus some horror...

So my nails were looking pretty good lately thanks to the tips nail conditioner stuff lisa sent me for the challenge. So an epic break was to be expected. It's was down to skin, so sad and painful! Any who life goes on so I present you my nubby sausage fingers.

Today I'm trying sephora by opi dating the drummer.

Bonus: if your like me, here's the horror! Happy cringing!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 1 of MOPC

I can't really afford any new polish at the moment so I decided to try and use my untrieds. Firstly I wanted to use the polishes I got in set from sephora. I got this set like 3 Christmases ago! And shamefully I've never tried any of them! So it's time.

First up I have what I'm gonna call super juicy coral, these mini bottles from sephora have no names on them and dummy me threw out the packaging that had the names. I looked at sephora's website and I think this caliente coral but I don't know for sure. If anyone knows please tell me, ok well that's it, bye!

What I think: applies great, nice formula, nice dry time, beautiful and juicy color, nice and shiny with no top coat, I have three layers here.

giveaway winners are...ATTENTION REQUIRED!

*Micaela pojogu 

*Ash-lilly nails

 PLEASE! contact me and let me know your email address and address info, Im so sorry I would have emailed you but I actually messed up the rafflecopter widget and now I dont have the winners info, I do apologize and In no way is rafflecopters fault its all my own fault. I  contacted them and they are checking to see if they can help and if they can get me the info I will get in contact with the winners but if they cant, hopefully you guys see this post!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Sometimes matte is bettah!

Does any of my fellow horror film addicts think the title sounds familiar? (I will explain it at the end of the post.)

Now for the nails, I used some essence nail stickers and china glaze lemon fizz, sweet hook, and electric beat. I think it came out pretty cool, and I got some compliments on it.

Then I used hard candy matte top coat.
So when I thought of the title it reminded me of this...
This is a classic horror movie that I love! Anyone know it?? and that line is famous and funny. Sometimes dead is better! the south park spoof of it is quite hilarious. I will leave the video below if wanna chuckle.

Monday, March 26, 2012

My two all time favorite pinks!

Orly flirty and china glaze dance baby.
I just have the softest freaking spot for pinks! And these two are currently my absolute favorites and they are just more amazing together, enjoy.

( before topcoat, but the most color accurate)

whats your favorite pink? any you think I should get?