Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pink wed • long time no do

I can't remember the last time I posted a pink wed mani. I usually am too busy for nails on wed. I'm happy I can today.

I have Claire's candy shop, the Deborah lippman dupe. It's definetly my kinda color, I love pink and glitter so this is the perfect polish for me.This polish is jam packed with glitter! I have 3 coats and seche vite.


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

When all else fails just add more

What's the worst that can happen, well stay tuned folks!

First layer I used tape to make squares. I used CG ahoy and OPI dutch ya just love opi
The squares were kinda messed up so I decided to use a nail art brush to make black lines hoping to cover up the messes up squares.
I think that's why I suck at nail art when I try to concentrate and draw something on my nail my hand starts shaking like no tomorrow! So my black lines did not come out so good.So to try and cover up them I used china glaze white cap.
And then I added some white stones for the hell of it. It looks like a mix between a present and a pokemon ball. I'm not sure how I feel about it, it just kept getting worse. But it's ok I've made my peace with it. Nothing could bring me down, wanna know why? Here's why check out what I got in the mail today....
It's my giveaway prize that I won from the the polished perfectionist. It's the whole specialitta hits no olimpo holos set! This was such an amazing and generous giveaway! I feel very lucky and very happy! Thanks so much Amy grace. There was a small incident, one bottle was broken but hey it came from really far away so it's no biggie,  no complaints here! I'm very grateful for the rest!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Just not really liking it...and a question.

 What you ask? (okay in no way am I fishing for compliments, just being honest, okay glad we got that settled)

The final outcome of my nails today, but I will let you be the judge? I used china glaze gothic Lolita ( which is beautiful btw) then I used red angel plate 111 and a pink and blue Sally Hansen chrome pen.

A question for you my friends? Does anyone else have any issues with the red angel plates? My plates seem like the cut image is kinda rough and when I go to clean the plate with a cotton ball, it gets stuck and leaves little hairs all over. Which makes it very hard to clean, and I have never had that issue with any of my other plates. Then I noticed that when I use some of the images that the design smashes together and the design is ruined. Does anyone else have this issue or did I get a bad batch?

(GOTHIC LOLITA ALONE should have kept it this way)

Friday, February 24, 2012

I just had to have this...

Deborah lippman sweet dreams...
When I saw this on another blog I got that addict feeling that I just had to have it I immediately looked it up and purchased it within like 5 min.

Don't we all know that feeling? I even put my account into overdraft because I needed it so bad! So crazy huh? I hope I'm not alone with that feeling lol. So I present you sweet dreams, it's the same old story with this one, much more beautiful IRL than I could capture. But I tried hope you guys enjoy, my itch is satisfied for the moment ha ha....

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Claire's layered polish, keep or return?

On my last post I showed how I purchased some new to me layered polishes. Today I tried them so I can decide if I wanna return these or keep them, maybe you guys can help me decide...

So here's the first one called beachy keen.

No top coat or cleanup because Im super lazy.

Then the second one is called sand art.

No top coat here..again lazy

Finally I got enough energy to slap on some top coat..but still no cleanup

So of course I'm a bit bummed out that these came out only one color, but it wasn't a total surprise I kinda had a feeling that was gonna happen. It's a very cool concept, but it just didn't work. So now the question is do I keep these because the colors even though they're not what the bottle shows are still very pretty! But can  I keep them even though they let me down? What do you think?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Alert: hunger games at hot topic!

I went to the mall to get the Deborah lippman dupe from Claire's called candy shop. And I passed by hot topic and I happen to catch a glance into hot topic and I saw the china glaze hunger games display filled! I did a double take and I backed up the stroller lol.
And I was in a hurry and forgot that I had previously decided which ones I wanted and I completely forgot and just grabbed which ones caught my eye, and I don't like the ones I got hopefully I can take them back.

Then I made my way to Claire's and I got candy shop, and some much not needed other polishes. Has anyone tried or seen these layered polishes?? I have never heard or seen anything like them, they have polish layered and they have a warning label " do not shake" it was hard to find ones that some rebellious person hadn't already shaken up. These are so interesting I can't wait to see how they show up on the nail! Has anyone seen or tried these??

Monday, February 20, 2012


Pink and purple snake

Thats just what this mani reminds me off, that would be cool if there was an actual snake that looked like this, don't ya think? I could name her miss fluffycakes....
Anywhoo onto what's on my nails, I have on butter london disco biscuit, I saw swatch of it and had to have it.
So then I stamped it with wet&wild black creme and BM 209.
And then I finished it off with tips in china glaze gothic Lolita.
So how do you guys like my girly pink and purple snakeskin nails?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Glare is a mother!

Grrrr!!!! I'm so annoyed I really like my manicure but I can't get a decent picture to save my life! I don't know if there has always been mad glare on my shots and I just never noticed before. Aww ignorance is bliss. But now that I'm aware of it, it's seriously upsetting me! Wah! I could cry.

Okay now that I'm done venting about that, I can tell you about my nails. I finally made my way to ulta to get my hands on some opi holland collection.
The offerings were pretty picked clean, I only got to get two of the four I had wanted. So that kinda sucks but it's cool I got very pretty colors!

So today I have for you opi wooden shoe like to know? Yummy light tan or brown, sorry I do stink at describing colors. I do love this color it's got that nice shimmer that I just fall for. So then I got some dotting tool practice in with various rainbow colors. I had seen something on pinterest but with black. So my friends what says you?

do you see that effin glare?? am I loosing it?

( now I normally don't like shots with flash but I didnt have a choice it was the only way to show the dotting design)

Not so good polish day.

So I was having one of those days, just where nothing was coming out like I wanted. I had told my friend meredith from polish and charms that I was gonna use sinful colors paradise so she could compare it to sinful colors why not because they kinda looked the same. That was weeks ago so I finally remembered to do it, check it out.
Then I decided to stamp and then add some extras with a dotting tool. I hated the result.

So I took it all off and started over. Then I had wanted to try an owl design I saw on pinterest. But that didn't come out to good either my owl looks more like a duck! So I cut my losses and took it all off, tomorrow is another day!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012

Tragedy strikes....

First up I have my nails that I did today. I used tape and my new favorite pink, china glaze dance baby, and then china glaze aquadelic, they are both from the new electro pop collection. I stamped with BM 05 and konad special polish white. Ya likes? I really love it and my new favorite pink!
AND THEN.... Tragedy stroke....
I opened my polish bag only to find this! And I feel like it only happened because I had just declared dance baby my new favorite pink! I am so heartbroken that seriously is the worst $hit to happen to anyone, I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy! Okay I'm overreacting but I think it's awful and I'm very sad about it. I plan to go to Sally's tomorrow and see if I can replace it. And if they have more than one I will be grabbing two!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pink rainbow valentines day design.

So here's my offering for a valentines day manicure....

What do you guys think? All I can say is that I sure do love me some pink! And I wanted an excuse to use a whole lot of it! I used some stationary green stickers for most of it and the tried to free hand the hearts. I couldn't get a good enough picture so these will have to do, and the gosh dang glare was pissing me the f off, but hey life goes on eh? Ok well that be it, catch ya on the flip side my friends!

The polishes I used:
China glaze dance baby
China glaze wicked style
Color club electro candy
China glaze ahoy
China glaze poinsettia
Finger paints sparkle topcoat

Friday, February 10, 2012

My first magnet polish

Hi there strangers! Ha ha I feel like its been forever since I posted but it's only been a few days, I was kinda having nail polish funk nothing was coming out the way I wanted so I just have up for a few days. But I went to rite aid and got two of the magnetix polishes by pretty woman. I got the magenta and green they don't have names that I can see, but I could just be a blind dummy because that's most likely the case.

So today I'm wearing the magenta looking color. There definitely is a learning curve to these well especially for me because I don't read directions I don't like anyone telling me what to do! ha ha okay it was just the blind dummy not thinking to read them.

I like the look of it and the formula was good kinda thick but in a good way. I wish the magnet design was stronger I hope I can get some of the china glaze ones to compare to see if it's just user error, but we will see. One thing I can say is I painted my friends nails and it chipped the very next day and she said it chopped in huge a$$ chunks! So for someone like me that wouldn't really bother me because I change my polish daily anyways but it's good to know for anyone else, so that's it for me, later my lovelies, oh and have you tried these magnet polishes if so did you like them?

I like that the magnets are included in the price and that it comes with two.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

grapes and chrome

The Sally Hansen chrome polish pens are just amazing! I feel like they are so perfect for stamping.

I found some polishes at target on clearance and the one Im wearing is Nicole by opi sounds grape to me. It looks very duo chromish in the bottle but not so strong on the nail but I still like it. Then I stamped using bm 208 and Sally Hansen color quick stick in silver chrome. So what do y'all think?

( sounds grape to me alone)

( trying to make an interesting bottle shot)

( my score of clearance polishes)