Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Alert: hunger games at hot topic!

I went to the mall to get the Deborah lippman dupe from Claire's called candy shop. And I passed by hot topic and I happen to catch a glance into hot topic and I saw the china glaze hunger games display filled! I did a double take and I backed up the stroller lol.
And I was in a hurry and forgot that I had previously decided which ones I wanted and I completely forgot and just grabbed which ones caught my eye, and I don't like the ones I got hopefully I can take them back.

Then I made my way to Claire's and I got candy shop, and some much not needed other polishes. Has anyone tried or seen these layered polishes?? I have never heard or seen anything like them, they have polish layered and they have a warning label " do not shake" it was hard to find ones that some rebellious person hadn't already shaken up. These are so interesting I can't wait to see how they show up on the nail! Has anyone seen or tried these??