Sunday, February 26, 2012

Just not really liking it...and a question.

 What you ask? (okay in no way am I fishing for compliments, just being honest, okay glad we got that settled)

The final outcome of my nails today, but I will let you be the judge? I used china glaze gothic Lolita ( which is beautiful btw) then I used red angel plate 111 and a pink and blue Sally Hansen chrome pen.

A question for you my friends? Does anyone else have any issues with the red angel plates? My plates seem like the cut image is kinda rough and when I go to clean the plate with a cotton ball, it gets stuck and leaves little hairs all over. Which makes it very hard to clean, and I have never had that issue with any of my other plates. Then I noticed that when I use some of the images that the design smashes together and the design is ruined. Does anyone else have this issue or did I get a bad batch?

(GOTHIC LOLITA ALONE should have kept it this way)