Friday, February 3, 2012

My love for stamping rekindled.

I was ready to do a post about how I hated this polish. Its Sally hansen laquer shine in the color spark. This polish is beyond gorgeous in the bottle its like a beautiful mix of dark blue and purple with pink shimmer. I had high hopes for it and it did come out beautiful but the formula was kinda a pain. It stained the hell out of my cuticles and it was taking forever to dry even with seche vite. 

So then at the last minute I decided to try the new Sally Hansen chrome polish pens I got from my friend and BM 221, and then BAM! Something amazing happened it came out so good! I love it so much! I hadn't been stamping lately because the stamp always seemed to sheer. The Sally Hansen chrome pen is the best stamping polish I've come across I need to hunt down some more!

(work lighting)

(ott light and lightbox)

( ott light no lightbox)
What do you guys think? Do ya love it like me? And isn't it crazy how different lighting makes a huge difference? My pictures under my light box with my Ott light aren't as good as I expected, could I be doing something wrong? I did line my box with computer paper instead of craft is that it?

( sally hansen spark alone can you see the pink shimmer in the bottle?  I found this in a 6 pack at ross)