Thursday, March 1, 2012

My nail care routine

Now this is just my routine and what works best for me right now.
If your removing old polish I like to apply cuticle oil or any kind of oil to help my skin and cuticles so they don't get dried out by the remover. I know cuticle oil can be expensive but you can use almond oil or olive oil or even baby oil, anything to keep the remover from drying your cuticles especially if your using acetone.
The Sally Hansen moisturizing remover is my favorite remover.
I try to only use acetone for cleanup.

Step one
I try to only file when it's necessary to even out nail shape. I really like the Sally Hansen nail files they are less than 2$ and last a really long time.

Step 2
Use a cuticle remover and then push back cuticles. I don't have a favorite cuticle remover yet. These are just ones I've tried and trying to use up.
I try to only cut hangnails because it can be dangerously easy to cut too much off.

Extra step I do when I'm at home.I get an old toothbrush and I use some body scrub and I put some on my fingers and cuticles and I scrub my cuticles. I think this exfoliates my cuticles and helps get dead skin off.

Step 3
Apply your favorite growth serums.
These are ones I use, I actually use all of them one after another. I haven't found my favorite one yet but these are all okay. I don't really notice a different in growth from using these, they just help keep my cuticles hydrated.

Step 4
Apply your favorite cuticle oil and rub it in. These three are my favorite ones at the moment. I really love the julep one it's a roll on and it's so convenient and easy to use when I have a second free.

Step 5
I then apply nail strenth creams. I know it's a lot of stuff to apply but I'm all about keeping my nails moisturized and trying to lock in the moisture. I do notice a difference in my nail growth when I keep them moisturized, thanks loodie loodie loodie.
(I love the hard as hoof smells good and really works, I got it at walmart.)

Step 6
I only do this step if I plan on putting on polish. I will use the cutip to briefly clean the nail only and avoid cleaning the cuticle or any surrounding skin, you don't wanna remove all the moisture you just added. I do this to remove the oil, so that way the polish will stay on the nail.

Step 7
Apply your favorite growth base coat.
These are one I've tried and the one that seems to work the best is the pink Sally Hansen one. I notice a huge difference in my nail growth when I use this.

( even though it seems like I'm promoting Sally Hansen, it's just their products just seem to work best for me right now)