Friday, September 30, 2011

China glaze skyscraper

I just recently purchased this color at ulta even though I wanted the whole metro collection this is the only I thought was an absolute must have I was a little disappointed I thought it looked much prettier in swatches I saw on other blogs but not so much when I used it, it's still very pretty and I'm glad to have it in my collection application did take me a nail or two to get use but nothing major I have two coats and a coat of seche, which I think made it sparkle much much more so top coat is a must, so does anyone have this color too? What are your thoughts on it?
Okay I will talk to you later friends I got to make a diaper run to target and I need to try and stay out of the polish section. Lol I said try...

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Opi it's my year

I went to another ulta to look for fowl play and sadly they were all out, so to cheer myself up I bit I picked up two polishes I got opi it's my year and china glaze skyscraper so I wore it's my year today I think it's really pretty and I'm glad I got it I plan to try skyscraper tomorrow, do you guys own any of these two? What do you think about them? Ok well till later friends.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Score at Ross and my simple solution to color clubs nameless bottles

I do like haul posts because I saw on more than one blog that some people were finding the color club back to Boho collection at Ross so on my lunch hour I went to my Ross and sure enough I found one! I was so happy and I wouldn't have went if I hadn't seen it on some one else's haul post.

Then I came up with such an easy and simple fix to my color clubs not having the names of the colors on the bottle, because i was just keeping the card board inserts and when I needed to know the name of the color I would have to look at the card board insert I know what a dummy! Then the simplest solution hit me and I couldn't believe I didn't think of it sooner, I just cut the names out of the card board an taped them onto the back of the bottles so easy and simple but exremely helpful now I don't have to keep the stupid card boards anymore and each polish has it's correct name yay I'm so happy! is this what ever one else does? and I was just to dumb figure it out sooner? or what was your fix to this situation? Is it something better? please let me know I'm very interested to know how my fellow bloggers dealt with color clubs nameless bottles, ok well enough rambling for me talk to you later my friends.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Wet & Wild Megalast Blackmail

I have another drug store gem for you today, this is wet&wild megalast blackmail it's black with various colors of shimmer I see gold, silver and baby pink maybe more but it's really fine shimmer or super micro glitter and it's hard to see. I think it's very beautiful and I purchased this at cvs for 1.99$ such a good deal, I know you can't really tell in the pictures but in real life the different colors of shimmer look so pretty! Did anyone else stumble upon this beauty? what do you think would you get it if you saw it? ok well that's it for me today, talk to you later my friends.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Color club mystery color?? Can you help?

I purchased this mini set at Ross and it did not have names of the polishes or the collection it's from, now I don't have any color clubs that are not from Ross so all mine have no names on the bottles and i don't know if thats normal for color clubs or just the ones from ross, but they usually have the name of the collection and the polish names on the card board insert but this mini set did not so I don't know what the names of these polishes if anyone knows can you please help me? If not now worries they shall remain unnamed, so anyways the one I'm wearing today is the gray one and its kinda a blue-ish gray with pink and baby blue glitter, but the glitter is so subtle you really have to look hard to see it, I like it this is three coats and a coat of seche.

P.s please excuse my dry cuticles and no cleanup I had to get outside before the sun went down, I seriously need to make a lamp box.

Saturday, September 24, 2011



(image provided by google)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Butter London no more waity Katie

This is my first Butter London and I really wanted this color for a long time, I've wanted it since it came out for the wedding, And I love it, the color is so pretty I wanna say it's a purple-ish gray with lavender glitter, correct me if I'm wrong I'm a beginner at describing colors, the polish formula was good and I like the little brush my only gripe was that I found it difficult to clean up but that's normal for glitters so no biggie I just need to try and be more careful next time I use it to avoid as much cleanup as possible, this is three coats and a coat of seche.

one other thing that I did not like was the polish remover it came with smelled not nice imo and very strong and overwhelming I couldn't even use it I dumped it out and kept the container to put acetone in but other than that I'm loving Butter London and can't wait to buy more when my pocket allows, do you have any? do you like them?

P.s Gahhh! I don't know what that is on my middle finger It's like a black dot but I didn't notice it till I already had top coat on ughhhh! I was so mad.


(artificial light)

(artificial light)

Here's a picture of the remover I didn't like it smells like very strong baby powder.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ulta and Ross haul

One of my lovely followers who entered my giveaway suggested I do more haul posts, so I figured I always enjoy looking at haul posts so I'm going to try and show my hauls more so I went to Ulta and Ross and these are my goodies:

• butter London no more waity katie
• essence irreplaceable
• essence sweet as candy
• Opi DS classic

• color club poptastic
• Sally Hansen lacquer shine pack

I'm excited because this is my first butter London and my first essence polishes, can't wait to try them!

Monday, September 19, 2011

CQ rustic dream

Hello there friends! How is your Monday going? Mines bearable since I will be off for the next two days, I can't wait, so today I am wearing a drug store gem I found at rite aid and the brand is CQ and the color is rustic dream I've only seen this brand at rite aid so I don't know if they are the only ones that sell it, it looks like a duo chrome in the bottle but not so much on the nail, what do you think? I like it, its the perfect autumn color because it looks like the leaves when they fall at least to me it does, This is three coats and a coat of seche, formula and dry time were good.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

What I be having on my nails lol & my September Birchbox

I ran out and purchased revlon facets of fuchsia after I saw it on the blogs and that it was a dupe for Deborah Lippmann bad romance, and I'm just now getting around to wearing it I know it's old news but I just wanted to show what my nails are rocking today, plus it's a really pretty color and I got mine for only 3 dollars and change at target it was such a good deal considering how much bad romance costs. Did you get this too? This is 3 coats and seche I could have easily stopped at 2 but I could have sworn I saw a tiny bald spot.

And then on another note I received my September Birchbox and I don't usually show them here but I was really excited about one product so I thought I would show you stay tuned to corny I know...

P.s please excuse my one nail cleanup I ran out of acetone, ok no not really I got lazy....

And now my Birchbox

I'm super excited to try these nail strips they look so cute!

i really want this so.... you can enter this giveaway for merry midnight& fowl play

Enter to win this the legendary opi merry midnight and orly fowl play, I personally really wanna get as many chances to win this as possible because my ulta did not get the birds of feather collection :-(
they did not even know what i was talking about, so this giveaway would be awesome to win...

this picture is not mine! it belongs to color coated and its her property and her swatch, ok and thanks color coated so generous for you to give this away!

                                                            CLICK HERE TO ENTER
                                                             CLICK HERE TO ENTER

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Orly galaxy girl

Hi there friends! How's your saturday going? Mines ok considering I'm at work, is anyone going to watch the fight tonight? I plan to with a big bucket of chicken lol, anywho onto what I have on my nails today, another dark color to go with my short nails, this is orly galaxy girl I really like it and I actually thought I had grabbed space cadet and was going to take this color back I'm glad I didn't because it's a really pretty color, it looks like a dark purple base with pink and baby blue shimmer, I could be wrong I'm horrible at describing colors so if I'm off please tell me I won't be offended, okay well that's all for me today my friends, have a great weekend.

Friday, September 16, 2011

My contest entry

This is my entry for Laura's lacquers
As Seen in Theatres Franken Contest!
check it out here

I become a 13 year old girl when it comes to twilight it's my guilty pleasure so I made a franken for my dreamboat that is jacob black!

Every one who entered did a really awesome job, this contest was so much fun! Go check it out
here and vote for your favorite if you want too, I can't wait to enter more contests in the future.

Isn't he gorgeous!! whoa momma!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

nubar moonshadow

I'm feeling dark colors since I have shorter than usual nails I do personally think that dark colors look really cute on shorter nails so I will probably wearing dark colors for the next week or so, but i don't mind I think it's nice to have a change, so today I'm wearing nubar moonshadow it's a duo chrome but its more of a subtle one because the different colors is kinda hard to see let alone capture on photograph, formula on this polish was dreamy applied perfectly this is three coats because I saw some unevenness with two, so how do you like it? Do you own this polish? would you buy it? And what colors do you see? Can you see more than one?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Color club electro candy crappy swatches & giveaway reminder & update

So I was obviously brain dead, when I decided when my giveaway would end I have no excuse I wanted to give myself enough time to swatch them all before I ended the giveaway since I don't have the time just sit down and swatch a whole set my daughter would just not have it, I give props to bloggers who do whole collections at one time, it took me a while to do these and they are all at diff times so I apologize for the diff looks and lengths, So here are my swatches and I'm moving the giveaway end date to my birthday september 20th! So make sure to enter! here Ok well I've talked enough, later friends, and good luck to you!

p.s i didn't capture these neons true color, sorry...

Ultra violet

Electro pop

tangerine scream

pure energy

What a shock!

Volt of light

Monday, September 12, 2011

Nfu-oh 44

I wasn't ready to take of my current red mani of obey me by Mac because it looked so good still no chips, which is rare for me I always get chips within a couple of hours of application, so I put one of my untried nfu-oh's I put 44 on top and I think it looks very cool like fire! How do you like it? And please excuse my messy mani I forgot my cleanup stuff at home, well have a great day my friends.

P.S  I tried my best to capture how beautiful this looked but of course it looks better IRL.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My first mani with my shorties!

How's your sunday going? Mines just ok reason being I'm at work, I can't remember the last time my nails were this short it was definitely before I started blogging! But I actually like my little nubbins I think certain colors look really nice with shorter nails like red and black, this color was one of my untrieds its by mac it's called obey me and it's from the wonder woman collection I think correct me if I'm wrong, I purchased it when the collection came out and i will admit i wanted it for the cutesy bottle! But I like it a lot and it just might be my HG red till I find something better, whats your go to red maybe I will try it? Ok friends well Its quitting time at my jobby job I'm heading home, hope you have a good evening...

P.s this is two coats and a coat of seche, and I only stamped one finger because I didn't like the way it came out so I didn't do all of them, the stamp looks too much like Christmas lol and I liked the red better with out any stamp.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Jesse's girl stiletto

This is from the Julie G collection that is at rite aid this and the green one are the only ones that caught my eye but I only picked up this one since I was trying not to spend too much I really like it, what do you think? I like the little brush on this polish and formula and dry time was good this is two coats and seche.

And then on another note I had another tragedy happen to my nails! I was picking up some boxes at work and i don't know what happened, but my pinky nail was ripped clean off down to skin! it was so painful and even more upsetting, my nails have had a rough week!

So I wanted to ask you my lovely friends since my pinky is now so short and tiny should I cut all my nails the same length to match???

I am really thinking that I should since I'm a weirdo that wants them all the same length or am I crazy for even considering butchering all my nails to nubbs??? Please help me decide!

For shame my poor pinky is so sad looking with it's poor excuse of a nail!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

pink wed ♥ wet&wild tickled pink and some attempted nail art

i have on wnw tickled pink three coats and a coat of seche and then i attempted some nail art with a dotting tool, it not come out so good but im gonna keep at it so i can get better, ok well thats all for today i got to go make dinner, later lovelies.

P.S im so sad i went to grocery shopping and my nails were naked and they did not survive they all cracked horribly i had to file them all down and im rockin nubbs. does that ever happen to you? i know they say your nails need to breathe once and a while but if i ever not have them polished they get masacured.

the last two pictures are tickled pink alone.

Monday, September 5, 2011

eggplant frost + chunky holo purple

Happy labor day, did anyone else have to work like me? at least we closed early and I had time to paint my nails, I first used wet&wild wild shine eggplant frost which by the way is an absolute steal I got it for .97 cents usd it wasn't even a dollar and it's gorgeous! I was so amazed at how it was such a beautiful color I highly recommend it to anyone who can purchase it, so back to the mani I then added another kleancolor chunky holo purple just one coat and a coat of seche, I'm really loving my Kleancolors which are also a steal, ok well sorry for the late post but better late than never hope you all have a nice rest of your Sunday.

P.s the last two pictures are eggplant frost alone one coat!
And I have no new excuse for so many pictures...