Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Score at Ross and my simple solution to color clubs nameless bottles

I do like haul posts because I saw on more than one blog that some people were finding the color club back to Boho collection at Ross so on my lunch hour I went to my Ross and sure enough I found one! I was so happy and I wouldn't have went if I hadn't seen it on some one else's haul post.

Then I came up with such an easy and simple fix to my color clubs not having the names of the colors on the bottle, because i was just keeping the card board inserts and when I needed to know the name of the color I would have to look at the card board insert I know what a dummy! Then the simplest solution hit me and I couldn't believe I didn't think of it sooner, I just cut the names out of the card board an taped them onto the back of the bottles so easy and simple but exremely helpful now I don't have to keep the stupid card boards anymore and each polish has it's correct name yay I'm so happy! is this what ever one else does? and I was just to dumb figure it out sooner? or what was your fix to this situation? Is it something better? please let me know I'm very interested to know how my fellow bloggers dealt with color clubs nameless bottles, ok well enough rambling for me talk to you later my friends.