Sunday, September 25, 2011

Color club mystery color?? Can you help?

I purchased this mini set at Ross and it did not have names of the polishes or the collection it's from, now I don't have any color clubs that are not from Ross so all mine have no names on the bottles and i don't know if thats normal for color clubs or just the ones from ross, but they usually have the name of the collection and the polish names on the card board insert but this mini set did not so I don't know what the names of these polishes if anyone knows can you please help me? If not now worries they shall remain unnamed, so anyways the one I'm wearing today is the gray one and its kinda a blue-ish gray with pink and baby blue glitter, but the glitter is so subtle you really have to look hard to see it, I like it this is three coats and a coat of seche.

P.s please excuse my dry cuticles and no cleanup I had to get outside before the sun went down, I seriously need to make a lamp box.