Friday, September 9, 2011

Jesse's girl stiletto

This is from the Julie G collection that is at rite aid this and the green one are the only ones that caught my eye but I only picked up this one since I was trying not to spend too much I really like it, what do you think? I like the little brush on this polish and formula and dry time was good this is two coats and seche.

And then on another note I had another tragedy happen to my nails! I was picking up some boxes at work and i don't know what happened, but my pinky nail was ripped clean off down to skin! it was so painful and even more upsetting, my nails have had a rough week!

So I wanted to ask you my lovely friends since my pinky is now so short and tiny should I cut all my nails the same length to match???

I am really thinking that I should since I'm a weirdo that wants them all the same length or am I crazy for even considering butchering all my nails to nubbs??? Please help me decide!

For shame my poor pinky is so sad looking with it's poor excuse of a nail!