Friday, September 23, 2011

Butter London no more waity Katie

This is my first Butter London and I really wanted this color for a long time, I've wanted it since it came out for the wedding, And I love it, the color is so pretty I wanna say it's a purple-ish gray with lavender glitter, correct me if I'm wrong I'm a beginner at describing colors, the polish formula was good and I like the little brush my only gripe was that I found it difficult to clean up but that's normal for glitters so no biggie I just need to try and be more careful next time I use it to avoid as much cleanup as possible, this is three coats and a coat of seche.

one other thing that I did not like was the polish remover it came with smelled not nice imo and very strong and overwhelming I couldn't even use it I dumped it out and kept the container to put acetone in but other than that I'm loving Butter London and can't wait to buy more when my pocket allows, do you have any? do you like them?

P.s Gahhh! I don't know what that is on my middle finger It's like a black dot but I didn't notice it till I already had top coat on ughhhh! I was so mad.


(artificial light)

(artificial light)

Here's a picture of the remover I didn't like it smells like very strong baby powder.