Friday, January 20, 2012


Im impatient my one year blogging aniversary isnt actually for another week or so but I got the stuff I wanna giveaway already and Im so excited I cant wait. So I cant believe Ive been blogging for one whole year already I have had a lot of fun and have met some really sweet awesome people, so yay!

Now for the giveaway I wanted to give some things that are really nice at least I think they are hope you do too.....

So you can win:
The new zoya flakies

- INM Northern lights holo topcoat silver
- Essie Flakie Shine of the times
- Ms Manicure shine&buffer
- Hard as hoof nail strengthening cream
(all the prizes were purchased by me with my baby daddys money) 

So what do you think guys? is it a good prize? There will be one winner, And YES its interanational, to enter please fill out the gadget below this is is my first time using this so let me know if i did something wrong, The giveaway will end in one month 2/20/2012.

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