Monday, January 9, 2012

Purple reign saved my day...

So I was having the absolute worst day for stamping I couldn't get the image right, it kept coming out all lopsided and missing parts, and I was getting so annoyed and depressed about it. 

Sometimes I feel like there are so many great nail bloggers who are so fantastic at nail art and stamping that I feel like I don't really bring anything to the table. Now don't get me wrong I don't pity myself for too long because, I remember it's for fun and I really enjoy it, so I snap out of it.

 But today pure ice purple reign totally cheered me up, it's one of my untrieds and it's so damn beautiful that I got over my failure, and was happy with just this beautiful polish. All by itself no stamp or art. I know there are some nail snobs (yeah girl I'm talking to you) but I think that they will be missing out on this polish if they don't snag it up at the bargain price of around $2. What do you think?

Now because I will wear my nail art failures proudly, I will show you my two failed stamping attempts worst one last. I think I had just lost all hope by then I couldn't even tell you what I was thinking towards the end of it, please enjoy!

So yeah the last one I had a picture in my mind and then when I couldn't stamp for ish I just said f it and just did whatever and no bother for cleanup since I immediately removed it, but it's progress I guess…

hearts.jpg Line of hearts image by m-smith19
thoughts.png love quotes image by krissyanne08

quotes-quotes-cute-289.jpg gangster. image by takenbylove