Sunday, January 30, 2011

my new found treasure

I have a problem with lip gloss chap stick and balm I'm addicted and find myself buying too many all the time. I recently stumbled upon this new Chapstick that I fell in love with...

I got it at rite aide and the cute packaging is what lured me in but it smells so good and it makes my lips so soft and the two colors I got (which is tiger lily and pink blossom) I love them they are sheer but with the perfect amount of color, they are a bit pricey $6.99 but I think it's worth it because I love them so much! just wanted to share that...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

white tip with pink flowers

I used my franken-blush I made and wet and wild white and orly Elizabeths rose and BM16 for the flowers and kiss brush on nail art paint in silver glitter and inm top coat.

purple stars

I used confetti belle of the ball and confetti ice ice baby and Sally Hansen insta dry in uptempo plum for the stars and bundle monster image plate 14 and inm top coat.

first konad attempt

I used orly Elizabeths rose for the base and konad special polish black and white for the designs and konad image plate m56 and inm out the door top coat.

first post evar!!!

I'm new to the blogging I originally was just searching for design ideas for my newly acquired konad stamping kit and I found this whole blogging community of people who are just as obsessed as I am with nails and makeup and beauty, so I thought I would share pics of my konad attempts and maybe some beauty ramblings...