Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hits mari moon cutie pie

So I made my first llarowe purchase, I got two hits mari moon polishes and I have one to show you today. First I just wanna say that I was really satisfied with my whole transaction with llarowe. I ordered very easy and shipping was such a steal, Im such a cheapo when it comes to shipping I will wait forever just to pay the least in shipping costs. I was amazed how little shipping cost and how fast I still received it, that's a huge plus for me. They made sure to keep me well informed through the whole process, and my polishes were wrapped so well and protected, overall I was extremely happy with the whole order and I wish I wouldn't have waited so long to order some of the amazing polishes. Sorry for all the ranting I just wanted to share in case anyone else was maybe hesitant in making a purchase with llarowe.

Now onto way too many pictures of hits mari moon cutie pie, I just got my Ott light and I couldn't pick just one. Because I still need practice getting a picture I'm happy with. Plus this polish is beyond amazingly gorgeous I was just trying to capture the beauty. This is two coats and a coat of seche vite. I'm usually a habitual three coater but I didn't wanna waste it. Formula is perfect there was a bubble but that was user error. I read on another blog that the brushes on these were messed up but were gonna be fixed, which must be the case now because my brush was perfect. I am in love with this polish. How about you?

P.s what's mari moon? Im so out the loop does it have something to do with sailor moon?