Saturday, March 24, 2012

where the hell have I been?

Yeah I've been addicted to something else lately….

Yeah this dang game! Ive playing it like crazy? Is anyone else addicted to this too?

I finally got a chance to paint my nails I was just messing around with some tape and this is what I came up with it kinda looks eighties inspired, I wish my lines were a tad cleaner but I like it. I used mostly colors from china glaze electro pop collection, I just love all the colors from the collection.


BONUS: My cutie pa tootie daughter always loves when I bring out my light box and she wants to put stuff in it and she wants me to take pictures. So she put these creepy and kinda cute looking piggies she stole from my moms house in there. So courtesy of beaux I present you piggies....