Friday, February 3, 2012

Xmas mani in February

Hola my amigos! I got my February julep maven box and I wanted to use the colors I got which is Glenn and Oscar. Apparently I'm loosing it in my old age and I can't see the obvious because I did not see this Christmas mani coming till it was too late.

 But oh we'll whatcha gonna do. I think I never know when to stop and leave it alone but how else am I gonna stumble upon awesome stuff. So you win some and obviously some get very very lost. So check it out….

( This is glenn by itself, i love this color, it's so rich.)

I also got the cuticle oil from Julep in my box and I'm addicted to cuticle care items I have a lot and always want more so I was happy to get this in my box. I really like it, the packaging makes it super easy and accessible to use. I just rub it on really quick. I found I can keep it in my pocket like lip gloss and apply all day when I got a second free, which means healthy cuticles which equals longer nails! YES!
On another side note my best friend from work purchased me some polish, which is so dang sweet and thoughtful, she is just so sweet and I just love her. So thanks Janelle! Us at work joke and say me and her can be stuck on an island and we would never run out of things to talk about we just get along so well. Are you lucky enough to have someone like that? I hope so.
So she said she got them at the 99 cent store which is awesome because these were around $8 when they were full price and these look like they are gonna be perfect for stamping with, so maybe check out your 99 cents stores.