Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mine and my 3 year olds NOTD

When someone loves you they take an interest in what you love... ( it's a nice thought? Yeah?)

              (my notd is essie mojito madness & set in stones)

So my daughter saw me doing my nails and asked for hers to be painted too.

Funny thing is she ALWAYS messes them up, because it's so hard for a toddler to sit still long enough for nails to dry. And after every time I paint them and she messes them up, I tell her I'm never painting your nails again!

But I'm a sucker because that never happens. I'm always more than happy to paint them the next time she asks, completely forgetting or not caring what I said the time before.

Then when I pull out the light box. She comes running and shoves her hand in and poses, like she sees momma do.

Now enough rambling, may I present Beaux's nail of the day…

( She is wearing Opi if you moust you moust & essence hard to resist on her thumb. Which she decided, she is starting a new trend for a thumb accent finger lol)

laters, Me & Beaux

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