Friday, July 5, 2013

The tiny-est canvas...

Why hello strangers! It's been forever and then some since I blogged. To be honest I was just over it, but not over polish of course, I still buy too much all the time. I'm still the same hoarder I've always been :-) that won't ever change.
One thing that has though I'm 7 months pregnant and getting big and round. I hadn't been painting my nails either since I was one of those crazy prego ladies that is super cautious. But alas that too got old, and I purchased someone Zoya pixie dust polishes and couldn't hold out I had to use them. Well, I hope all of you are well.

Today I have some nail art I attempted on my 4 year old daughter. We are going to the movies tonight to see despicable me 2, and she wanted her nails painted for the occasion. Now for me anyway nail art is really hard, let alone on a 4 years old super tiny nails. I tried my best and I think it didn't come out to horrible, considering how much she wiggles and squirms. It was nice to pop in and make a quick little post/update I don't feel good enough with polish to start doing it daily again. So till the next time I get the urge to post, adios my fellow lacquer heads.

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Katie Eakins said...

This immediately made me smile :) I love little hands holding polish!