Friday, August 17, 2012

Excuses & moon candy

Wow! I know right, I totally disappeared for a while. Well my excuses are as follows:

1. Got fired and I'm enjoying doing nothing, sleeping in late going to bed late.
2. Addicted to Pinterest
3. Fifty shades of grey series ( read all three in less than a month, love them!)
4. Playing 50's house wife lol
5. Zumba for the wii & I just started Insanity, C'mon skinny body! lol I'm crossing my fingers!

So not that I need any excuses but that's pretty much what I've been doing with my time. I still paint my nails all the time, and I've been enjoying wearing a polish a lot more than I use too, the blog can kinda feel like a job sometimes and I wasn't really enjoying my polish.  Plus since I'm not working I don't really have money to spend on polish and it's easier to not want any if I don't see or know about all the new collections coming out.

I did manage to get revlon moon candy. check it out…(sorry for the crummy pics and paint job I blame the polish, oh and I love my nails short now, they chip less)



I did not like these polishes. The polish was very thick and stringy. The base coat no matter how long you let dry would smear when you applied the shard like flake top coat. ( you can see what it on some of my nails). And I just did not like the way they looked. Finally they were super expensive. You can easily get the same effect for these polishes if you have the china glaze hunger games luxe and lush. So if I can find my receipt I'm gonna take both these back and get some of the new Essie's I saw.

On a different subject I just wanted to share a lil something I picked up from Pinterest. Now when I use to clean off my old polish I would use almost one cotton ball for every nail, very wasteful and I was always running out of cotton balls pretty fast. Apparently you can unravel the cotton ball and tear it into pieces and use only one cotton ball for all 10 fingers! Gah! I was amazed! So just wanted to share in case I'm not the only one who didn't know about this!

And lastly I wanted to share my new favorite cuticle oil! My friend went to Hawaii for vacation and brought me back this as a souvenir. I just love it, it smells amazing, it's so pretty with its real and tiny cute flowers floating around, and it's huge so it will last me forever! love love love!
Ok well good to be back, don't know if I will be back for good like before or if maybe I might just pop in once in a while when I got something worth writing home about! Love you all my blogging friends! Hope everyone is doing well!