Tuesday, August 9, 2011

so nice when you get an award....

The Rules  
Link to the person you got it from. 
Tell seven things about yourself. 
Give the award to ten bloggers.

Thank you to maria

http://pinkbeautylove4ever.blogspot.com for awarding me with this award!

7 things about me 

  • i love being a mommy
  • I love sangria lol 
  • I'm 27 years young
  • I love twilight ( go team jacob)
  • my fav show is seinfeld
  • I love to cook and wanna be a chef
  • my mammy is my best friend

    award 10 bloggers sorry if you already received it...

    1.)toyomi theitcolor.blogspot.com/
    2.)shel  ifitshinesitsmines.blogspot.com/ 
    3.)caitlin  blogchrysanthemum.blogspot.com/
    4.)nicole  toptotoe28.blogspot.com/
    5.)gnoma  gnomagno.blogspot.com/
    6.)karen  thekarend.blogspot.com/
    7.)sandra  sannuk.blogspot.com/
    8.) janelle  http://janelleolson.blogspot.com/
    Ok I'm too lazy to get 10 plus most of you probably already have it...


gnoma said...

*__* thank you!!!

gnoma said...

DONE! And than you again! ;D http://gnomagno.blogspot.com/2011/08/award.html