Tuesday, August 2, 2011

July favorites

Hello sweetie pies! Well here are my fav products for the month just some new things to me that I've been loving, so let's get to it..
1.) Sally Hansen nail file in fine: I love this file it's perfect for taking of the right amount and not too much which is what I use to always do and I would get all mad cuz I would file away all my length when all I was trying to do was shape them and the best price it was under 2$ at walmart.

2.) neutrogena fresh foaming cleanser: I have really bad adult acne and nothing has helped so I went to the dermatologist and she put me on meds and gave me a list of gentle cleansers to choose from I picked this one and I absolutely love it, it's gentle yet it gets all my makeup off and leaves me skin soft and super clean! It even takes off my mascara without leaving any residue or raccoon eyes, I've never had a cleanser that I didn't have to use oil or wipes first, love love this and I'm on my 2nd bottle and this is my go to cleanser.

3.) 4 way buffer block no name:I found at walmart in the travel section for .79 cents! I couldn't believe it and it works just as well as the expensive ones and I love how it's pink and purple.

4.) neutrogena foot cream: I have sand paper feet no matter what I do but I've been using this cream after every shower as sometimes before bed it feels like it soaks right in and I've notice my feet are softer than before but still not where I want them but I'm hoping after using this product longer my feet will eventually be soft.

5.) herbal essences long term relationship leave in split end protector for long hair: I recently highlighted my hair for summer and i regretted it because my looked and felt really dry after, but when I use this leave in conditioner my hair looks smooth and feels better and it smells so good.

6.) pur minerals 4-in-1 pressed mineral makeup:I received this in my Birchbox and I absolutely fell in love with it. I love the way it makes my face look, flawless and smooth and yet dewy all at the same time, I have been looking for a new powder foundation and I have found it, I'm going to purchase the full size when this trial size runs out but it might be a while because this is a pretty generous sample, thanks Birchbox, initially I was upset that I got this instead of the mini zoya polish everyone else got but in the end I'm so happy that I found my new staple powder foundation.

7.) Sally Hansen miracle cure for problem nails:I don't have problem nails really except i got some peeling but this said on the box that its guaranteed to stop peeling so I got it and I think it really works my nails are not peeling as much only a little left, so I seems to be helping.

8.) I forgot one other thing it's maybeline shine sensational pop stick in pink lollipop: I love how cute the packaging is and the product looks so cool how it's clear it gives my lips a very nice pink tint and smells yummy not much for moisturizing them but i like it anyway.


Toyomi said...

I've been thinking of purchasing the long term relationship but there have been so many mixed reviews . Glad that it works for you :D

KarenD said...

Great post! Love seeing what you're loving.