Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pink wed • sinful colors soul mate

Happy pink wed, fellow pink lovers this wed I wanted to show you my new fav pink soul mate it originally came out for valentines day, it's described as a muted peachy pink with a melon twist, I really like it and have nothing like it in my stash and it's a one coater! formula was a little thick but thats to be expected with a one coater, I did notice that it took a little longer than normal for dry time but not bad and I don't care I adore this color so much, and me being me I had to stamp it and ruin it, next time I'm leaving it alone it's beautiful on it's own. This is one coat and a coat of seche vite.


Shadow said...

I love the stamping!!! the colors work well together. BTW I love your background so bright and colorful!!!!!

Toyomi said...

The colors are beautiful together and I love the stamping a lot .

NailsByCourteney said...

love it! def. one i'll have to pick up!

BeautyBehaved said...

this is so cute, nice stamping job(;

<3 BB