Thursday, February 23, 2012

Claire's layered polish, keep or return?

On my last post I showed how I purchased some new to me layered polishes. Today I tried them so I can decide if I wanna return these or keep them, maybe you guys can help me decide...

So here's the first one called beachy keen.

No top coat or cleanup because Im super lazy.

Then the second one is called sand art.

No top coat here..again lazy

Finally I got enough energy to slap on some top coat..but still no cleanup

So of course I'm a bit bummed out that these came out only one color, but it wasn't a total surprise I kinda had a feeling that was gonna happen. It's a very cool concept, but it just didn't work. So now the question is do I keep these because the colors even though they're not what the bottle shows are still very pretty! But can  I keep them even though they let me down? What do you think?