Friday, March 11, 2011

Huge lush haul!! Yay for me

I got even more stuff but did not wanna unwrap the packaging since I was not using it for a while I love lush it is my newest obsession and I am OBSESSED Let me tell you but i normally could not afford this or even be allowed to spend this kinda moola on it but somebody wanted the new iPad so in exchange I got to spend 500 on whatever i wanted so I spent 325 at lush and 175 at sephora yay I will post the sephora haul when i get it in the mail I am so happy right now I had the best shower with all my new lush products I am absolutely in love with the Sultana of soap it smells sooooo good I was in heaven and it made me feel happy and the smell lingered so long all my co workers kept telling me how good I smelled. Loved it...

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