Friday, March 25, 2011

Lush fresh face mask cosmetic warrior

I have a serious addiction no actually it's an obsession and it's with lush I just discovered it, I know where the f have I been. I have been spending some serious moola on lush products but I don't care I'm in love.

so anyways I recently got a fresh face mask: cosmetic warrior it says it's for spots, oily areas, blackheads, me me me so I thought I would try it.

I tried it today and a lot of reviews said it smelled horrible and some people said it made them wanna puke and that they could not even use it but I didn't mind the smell. yeah it didn't smell yummy but not bad at all just a little like garlic.

The smell did not bother or offend me at all and the results were so worth it, my face was so clean and refreshed and it even looked brightened.

after one use I love the results and plan to use it every 2-3 days to make sure I use it before it expires since they only last 3 weeks since they are so fresh, and make sure I get my money's worth ( not like $5.95 is expensive).

so i hope the results keep getting better with more uses, so overall really liked this product another win for me from lush and looks like this will be a staple in skin care regime.

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