Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pure ice

 I like pure ice polishes the price and colors are nice I picked up
• wet t-shirt
• in the mood
• oh baby!
• heart breaker
I didn't have time to do better& full swatches and I'm not happy with any of the pictures but Ive been delaying this post too long and I'm over it! So on to it also one of my polishes had no brush and one bottle was cracked but I can't complain for 1.99$. This is 3 layers of each color.

Here's the missing brush and broken bottle I just put super glue in the crack.

Has that ever happen to anyone else with pure ice? it was actually pretty funny I've never purchased a polish that was missing it's brush.

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Silence is Loud said...

missing brush???!!??? even after 3 coats they still look so sheer.but the red and blue is pretty!