Thursday, June 9, 2011

Current manicure routine

These are the products I currently use for my manicures.
1. I file my nail shape using Sally Hansen nail file.

2. Apply Essie disappearing trick cuticle remover and push back my cuticles with metal pusher, I got mine at target a good one costs around 12$.
( I try to only use cuticle nippers for hangnails or else I can't stop cutting lol)

3. I use Sally Hansen natural nail growth formula (blue bottle with the writing on packaging rubbed off) I don't really notice a difference but I wanna use it up so I can get something different, it's just a serum that rubs into your nails.

4. I use Essie smooth trick cuticle oil this smells like peppermint and I thought it would bother me but it didn't, it's very subtle.

5. Then I use lush helping hands hand cream. This hand cream is a light pink color and it has a very very subtle smell of roses, it's so faint I have to really shove my nose in the tub to smell it otherwise i don't even notice the smell, this cream soaks right in and makes my hands super soft.

6. I clean my nail with a cotton and or cotton swab sometimes with a little acetone or remover, and apply Sally Hansen Complete care 3 in 1 moisturizing treatment ( pink bottle) I love this I use it as a base coat and I noticed a huge difference in my nail growth, my nails got so long and strong using this, I highly recommend this if u can get it, it's a little expensive but worth it.

Overall: the only things I really like in my current routine are my lush hand cream and Sally Hansen moisturizing treatment, all others mentioned I didn't really notice anything special about them I'm just trying to use them up so I can try other products, I really wanna try cnd solar oil but i have a few diff oils I need to use up first, do u have any products you always keep in your routine that I should try ?


Silence is Loud said...

Ive heard about how good Helping hand is. But is it scented?

♥beauxs mom said...

@silence is loud helping hands has a very subtle rose smell it's almost non scented because it's so subtle I can't really smell anything when I put it on and its a pretty light pink color.

Toyomi said...

I do want to try the helping hand cream a lot . Nice routine !

Cel said...

Thank you for this post, I am always interested in reading on any effective nail care products. The one I would recommend is Lush Lemony Flutter but I am sure you will have tried it? If not, I really suggest you do, it works wonders with cuticles. Now I need to get my hands on this hand cream you suggested!