Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pink wed • Zoya Bela

I've been lemming this ever since it came out with black swan I saw it swatched on nailstah here and I fell in love it was so feminine and pretty I finally got it and was a lil dissapointed not with the formula or quality because I love zoya polishes and think they are worth theyre price, but in the swatch the color looks more pink than when I put it on I dont know if maybe mine could somehow be a different color or formula but mine seems more nude/ pale pink I still like it but i was just expecting something different am I crazy or doesnt nailstah swatch look diff than mine? I guess lighting can play a role but I swear I couldn't get the same color no matter what light...
This is three coats and a coat of seche.

Then here's some stamping testing I did over this mani as any konader knows its all about testing what colors will go together in my experience most colors are too sheer for stamping as you can see I think only the purple flowers and pink animal print and the red checkers show up ok but the brown and blue flowers are too sheer to stamp good.

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