Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Look what I won!!

I couldn't believe i won a giveaway it's so awesome! I won a giftcard for csn from the lovely li lian from Shortwidenails she is such a sweetie pie cuz my gmail put her email telling me I won in the spam and I didn't get it and she gave me a WHOLE week to respond and even did a follow up most people only give you 48 hrs and then they redraw another winner, that was so sweet of her I'm so thankful to her. Thank you so much li lian love you mucho! Her blog is one of my favs if u don't already follow her u should
Chk her out here

I used the gift card for CSN to get piggy polish that is non toxic so I can paint my toddlers nails
She was very excited and even handed me this cute little chubby hand and I painted as quickly as I could and she yanked it back right away she liked it but doesn't understand it needs to
Dry so needless to say it didn't stay to well
But she was walking around showing people her hand super cute! I will have to get her toes while she is sleeping but I'm so glad to have the non toxic paint for her now thanks again li lian.

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