Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mac lip conditioner w/spf 15 & lavender

OK, so you may have noticed by now that I'm a tiny bit obsessed with lip balm and lip care products in general I'm on the constant search for the perfect, smooth and moisturized lips..

But I feel like I may have found an answer and it is Mac lip moisturizer my sister told me about it she said her lips were badly cracked and she claimed this helped in one application so being the lip product junkie that I am I had to get my hands on some.

This is a limited edition version of the lip moisturizer that Mac carries it has lavender which gives it a nice pearl look and a nice subtle smell which I really enjoy, I used this for only two days and my lips have never been softer I really like this product I had been putting vitamin e oil on my lips morning and night and it helped my dry winter lips but they still were not were I wanted them and now they are thanks to this Mac lip moisturizer I am really amazed at how well it works and how nice it makes me lips I even went back and bought a spare one just in case because it is limited edition and i plan on using only this product from now on I just love it!

Overall review: best lip moisturizer I've even tried and is now my #1 lip care product!

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