Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lush big blue bath bomb

First let me start by saying I Love Lush!!!
if they had a store in my area I would go work there and get paid in lovely natural products aww *sigh* I love them that much! Anyways I've tried three bath bombs and this is my favorite so far it smelled so nice and made the water a beautiful blue and my skin smells and feels amazing I didn't even mind the seaweed pieces that came out and floated in the bath, when I read the reviews people were complaining about them, saying it was gross but they didn't bother me I liked them, it's part of the experience and they didn't stick to me even when I got out overall I really enjoyed it!

This is a pic off the lush website sorry I forgot to take a pic of my bath bomb before I used it I was too anxious to get my much needed me time on, by the time my days off come around I really need my relaxing bath I look forward to
It all week especially since I've discovered lush.
I did take a pic of my lovely blue water my tub is kinda tiny and the makers of it were really paranoid of water overflow they put the overflow drain really low so it doesn't allow the bath water to get as high as I like..
(sorry bathroom lighting stinks this pic does not do the lovely blue bath water justice)

Since I'm on a lush rant I wanna just mention
AROMACO deodorant bar.

I love this so much
And I will never ever go back to traditional deodorant I hated how my underarms always felt like they had a permanent pasty feeling even after the deepest scrubbing with loofahs
And I even tried using exfoliating scrubs and still they were all pasty as if the deodorant never came off so I decided to try this with it being all natural and I'm in love it smells nice and leaves my skin feeling nice all the time no more nasty pasty deodorant underarms the AROMACO really works well I didn't like the smell to much at the beginning but I really like it now and I highly recommend this to anyone not liking regular deodorant and a little goes a long way I feel like I've been using the same piece for weeks now.

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