Tuesday, February 22, 2011

my acne has met it's match

finally I have some hope that clear skin is in my future I've tried...


Max clarity

Avon acne professional

I used proactiv for 3 months and never saw an improvement I do have to say I loved the green tea moisturizer it smelled so good and it was so
Smooth I felt like it really moisturized so well but it's very expensive. Then I tried max clarity for two months and also saw no improvement. Then I tried the Avon system that said it was for severe acne and this was by far the worst system and the most expensive, and it made me break out more I was very unhappy and thought I was cursed to have acne forever..

And then..

Meaningful beauty by Cindy Crawford came into my life and it's only been two weeks and my skin already looks so much better I'm so happy it's such a nice feeling to have found something that works for you and this is working for me I know everyone is different but this system is truly working for me in just two weeks. I know this system is also expensive and my mother in law had received this as a gift and gave it to me since she don't have acne so I'm not looking forward to having to purchase it on my own but to me it's worth it I'm so self conscious about my acne and would pay anything for clear skin
So I will do another update when I run out and if I'm spending the money to get more.


Pepper said...

It's awesome right when you find something works to clear up your skin. Mine happens to be The Body Shop Seaweed and Tea Tree range.

beauxsmom said...

It is such a relief I've heard good things about
The body shop products if I can't afford to
Get more of this line I will have to look into
The seaweed and tea tree oil thanks for the info

rakhshanda said...

Great post honey! Glad these products worked for you:)
Nice blog honey...try checking out mine. Hope you follow too:)
I'm def gonna follow back:)