Thursday, November 3, 2011

Color Club nouveau vintage

Hi there, how are you lovely people this fine Thursday. Well I guess I'm pretty good considering I'm at work, but I hit the jackpot at my Ross, I found the back to boho set the one I didn't already have(which is the set this polish is from) and I found the foiled set and the beyond the mistletoe!(I got an extra mistletoe one for a giveaway) That's the one I was most excited to find. I'm so happy! My Ross had bunches of them so maybe go check yours out too. So today I'm wearing nouveau vintage, which is so beautiful I wanna say its bronze, I love it and I think it's a perfect fall color. And of course I could not capture how beautiful it is IRL, Did anyone else luck out like me at fantastic Ross?

P.s I'm almost to 200 followers! Which is so awesome, thanks so much my friends, I have been gathering goodies for a giveaway and it's killing me I wanna have a 192 follower giveaway because I'm so anxious to do the giveaway already, hopefully I won't have to wait to long...

check it out this is my jackpot!