Sunday, November 20, 2011

my first scheduled post

So I usually don"t schedule posts, and whatever mani I'm posting is usually the one im wearing. I post in real time if thats how I say it, I'm not too sure if thats accurate or not. So back to the point this is my first scheduled post and it's because I will be on a plane when this posts me and my family are going to visit family in rural new mexico I guess on a farm like setting so I dont know if I will be posting but maybe thats good it will be a real much needed vacation and I can maybe relax for once. So I will be be scarce in the blogging world for about 8 days I will miss you guys I think I will still be checking out your posts and commenting so that will be good unless my phone gets no service so we will see, So talk to all my lovely friends later and because i will be gone during thanksgiving.....
love ya guys!