Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Come give momma some shimmah!

So first off this is purple not blue. I wish purples didn't turn blue when you take pictures of them, it's so upsetting. Because this looks so pretty and purple IRL, so anyway I used color club pucci-licious and fingerprints sparkle top coat, I love me a good sparkle or shimmer and this ones no exception it's gorgeous. I got this one at Sally's, I think it's part of the holiday collection but Im not positive, okay well today's my day off and I feel a cold coming on so me and my daughter are going to just lay in bed all day, hope you have a good day too!

Bonus: a pic of what I got in my november Birchbox its kinda "meh" I liked what other people got better as usual, what did you get in yours?