Saturday, November 12, 2011

Inspired by a fellow blogger

Hello there friends! so I finally had time to hook myself up with a paint job, and I was inspired by a fellow blogger who I just adore she is so sweet and helpful and absolutely honest. If she doesn't like something she will tell you which is why I love her, I can always count on her for her honest opinion, and she doesn't like pink or glitter but it's okay I like that she is different! So can you guys guess who? Or if it's you can you tell I'm talking about you? FINGERS from fingers polish mania yes girl this post and mani is dedicated to you. I'm so happy to have met you blogging you always make me laugh, and I really enjoy reading your posts! If you don't already follow her I think you should check her out, okay so now onto the mani. I started out with opi warm & fozzie from the muppets collection and then I stamped with BM-223 and color club lumin-icent then I did fingers signature funky french with the same color, what do you think? I really like it, I love the colors together and warm & fozzie is a beautiful color and I'm glad I picked it up, okay talk to you lovely people later, have a wonderful day friends.

P.s there is no sun today is all rainy and cold so sorry no sun shots..

so first here is warm&fozzie alone

Then here is one of fingers signature poses mine does not look as good I dont got the fingers for it lol

Fingers other signature pose again not for me with my too long fingers..

and one of my favorite poses..