Monday, July 18, 2011

BORBA beautyceuticals (warning long review)

I try to be healthy and I like to include vitamins in my regimen, I discovered BORBA from watching one of my fav gurus on YouTube Elle and she talked about these new line of beauty boosting vitamins click here for vid so I was very interested and had to try them so I jumped right in I purchased 4 products and I've been taking them over a month so I feel like I've tried them enough for a review so here we go...
(I'm listing these my most favorite to least)

1. firm and fit calcium chews, I don't drink milk at all for some odd reason it always tastes rotten to me so I don't think I get enough calcium, so I figured I need to get calcium some other way, I got these and I'm so happy I tried them because they are super yummy they taste so good, they kinda reminded me of divinity, I really like these and will continue to purchase them, and I feel like I'm being good to my body these chews are to be taken once a day and they are equal to one 8oz glass of milk! they cost 14.95 for 30ct. If you are like me and don't drink milk and you can only afford one product I highly recommend these.
2. Skin balance gummi bears
These have all kinds of good things in them to help you have healthy beautiful looking skin I need all the help I can get so I purchased these, I really love the way these taste they do kinda have a vitamin taste but I like it they taste so yummy to me and the texture of them is different than regular gummi bears more chewy but again I like the different texture you can eat up to 8 of these a day I'm trying to make them last because I can't afford to eat 8 a day so I try to only eat 2-4 a day, I will be purchasing these again when I can afford it, not that i cant afford them or that they are expensive, its just these are not as necessary to me as the calcium chews, they cost 14.99 for 90ct not too bad.
3. Smart and sexy omega 3 bursts
Omega 3 has so many benefits I've always known that but I researched and found that some proven benefits are:
1. Eases depression
2. Lowers Cholesterol
3. Lowers Triglyceride Levels
4.Reduces Inflammation In The Body
5. Eliminates Joint Pain
6.Improves Your Skin
7.Promotes Weight Loss
8. Increases Your Focus
9.Improves Vision
10.Reduces Soreness From Weight Training
11. Reduces Risk Of Heart Disease
12. Stabilizes Mood
those are just some so with all these benefits I'm definitely trying to include this in my diet. These chews don't taste as yummy as the calcium chews but they are not bad at all I really don't mind the taste especially considering the alternative of nasty fish burps anyone who has ever taken fish oil pills knows what I'm talking about yuck nastiest thing evar! so this is a way better alternative that I'm going to stick with! They cost 14.99 for 30ct well worth it in my opinion.
4. Pms rescue beverage crystals
I really liked the idea of vitamins to help with that horrible time of the month but I couldn't get past the taste of these it made me gag I couldn't even choke it down for the benefits so these I did not like and will not be purchasing again In fact I wish I could get my money back because I wish I could get the clear skin crystals instead, everyones taste is different so just because I didn't like the taste does not mean you won't either there are people on their website who reviewed them and said they enjoyed the flavor so it's different for everyone I really like the concept of these so i wish I could get past the taste, hopefully they make other flavors soon.
These were 14.99 for 14ct

Overall: I really like BORBA and the products they have to offer I plan on continuing to buy the products I liked, I think they are yummy and very decently priced Elle said they sell them all selected walgreens but none around me so I ordered online s&h wasn't bad at all and they came very fast and they send some samples too which is always a plus to me, I still take a different multi vitamin and a healthy hair skin and nails vitamin but I would definitely purchase those from BORBA if they had one so hopefully they will make some, I purchase all my supplements from BORBA with my own money I have not been compensated in any way nor am I affiliated with them in any way. if you wanna visit the website you can here.

update: The company has given me a discount code for my readers who would like to purchase any of the products like the
ones I reviewed if you enter my name TYNE into discount codes at checkout they will give you 20% off, thats pretty generous of them so I say thank you to BORBA. The code will be valid for a month.

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Alice said...

What a great review! I have heard of Borba, but wasn't sure if their products were good! Thanks to your review, I will re-consider. :P