Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Color club I always get my man-darin

I'm trying to swatch all my untried summer colors, this is from the wicked sweet collection so it smelled very yummy I'm horrible at describing scents so I'm not even going to try I can just say it smelled very good very citrus-y I did like the smell, some scented polishes smell very plastic-y and not yummy like this one, the formula was good kinda thin or sheer but I expected that with such a lite color this is three coats with a coat of seche, the longer I wore this Color the more I liked it, and please excuse my sad little nub on my ring finger it's the saddest thing ever it's taking everything in me not to file them all down to match the nubbin, ok well that's all for now hope everyone is having a great evening.


Sandra said...

I totally love the color, it's so pretty! :)

Toyomi said...

This color reminds me of mac'n'cheese only glittery . It's gorgeous :D

Irishenchantment said...

i love this colour, i hate scented things though that arent meant to be scented...pens/nail polish etc

shel xx

♥beauxs mom said...

@Sandra thank you
@toyomi lol that's so funny now that u say that it so does look like Mac and cheese!
@irishenchantment I know what u mean it can be weird.