Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pure ice crackle•lighting strikes

I was kinda over crackles when the opi silver shatter came out so I didn't pick one up, but when I was at walgreens I saw the pure ice crackles and they were only 3.99 which is probably the cheapest crackle polishes I've seen so I had to get one and I'm glad I did it looked so pretty the silver was so shiny, I kept looking at my nails all day, and to think I thought I was over crackles application was great, it cracked very nicely and was very easy to apply it was a pretty thin formula compared to my china glaze crackles which seemed to get thick and kinda crusty so the thin formula is perfect to get it to crackle nicely. I would definitely recommend these, I plan on picking up some more when I can they had so many colors way more than any company I've seen. I also picked up an extra one for my 50 follower giveaway coming soon...
P.s sorry about no cleanup I was being super lazy :-)

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Toyomi said...

Looks great . I might invest in these !