Saturday, July 16, 2011

Today's manicure

Nothing special just what I happened to be wearing today..
Orly coquette cutie
China glaze strawberry fields
Ring finger same plus
Orly bubbly bombshell
And revlon grape icy
No top coat cuz I forgot my seche at home *kicks self*
I really love strawberry fields and it's even better over coquette cutie!

*sorry my pics are not clickable I do all my blogging from my phone so I don't know how to make them clickable if anyone knows I'd love to know*


Toyomi said...

I love the shimmers in this :D

Nail Stories said...

I love strawberry fields but haven't yet managed to get my hands on a bottle :-)

Irishenchantment said...

this is cute!

shel xx

Nicole - Top To Toe said...

I adore that Orly purple glitter, so cute x