Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My first Julep

   So I didn't plan on signing up for the Julep maven because I had heard some bad things, but when I saw on Tracy's blog the trace face philes that you get one box for a penny I couldn't resist. So I signed up and I got 2 polishes and a hand scrub and some samples for one penny. I think that's a pretty sweet deal, and today I tried my first one it's Demi and it's described as deep burgundy. I must admit I'm very impressed with the formula it's so smooth and silky and covers so nice it's easily a one coater, and I love the brush and found it very easy to use. Overall this is a win for me amazing formula and an amazing color. I hope I can afford to stay a julep maven but 20$ a month is kinda expensive for me so we will see. Have you tried Julep polishes yet? What are your thoughts?