Tuesday, December 6, 2011


So I've been rocking naked nails for days I just moved and I broke all my nails and even cut up my fingers. So I didn't have time to paint them and give my cuticles some love, plus I didn't really have the urge to paint them, I don't mind nubbs I just prefer them a little longer, but I have acquired some new polishes including my precious new lynderellas so I had to get out of this funk. So my nubby nails equals vampy colors because I personally think dark colors look good on short nubby nails so I used color club rebel spirit from the back to boho collection and then I used lynderella the glittering crowd. Which is my new favorite glitter, it's so amazing it has so many different kinds and colors of glitter I don't even mind the bar glitter in it, it's just the best glitter evar! okay enough for my ranting I like this mani a lot except for the fact that I cleaned up a little too much, alright my lovely friends that's all I got for this fine tuesday hope your guys are good.

P.s I couldn't get a good sun shot so I have half decent inside shots I need to get an ott light and make a light box, Michaels had one on sale for 17.99$ on black Friday I need to see if they still got that going on.