Monday, October 31, 2011

Freddy Kreuger looking nails

Happy Halloween friends! this is what I'm rocking on my nails today. I used tape to make the lines and then stamped the skull on,  It kinda reminds me of Freddy Kreuger for some reason which is perfect for Halloween So yay I'm happy with that. I used sinful colors slate and winterberry for the stripes.The skull stamp was not working good it kept leaving some of the stamp on the rubber, you can see how some parts look like some is missing. I don't know why this was happening has anyone ever had this happen? ok well that's if for me, I'm still at work I get off early though so I can take my baby girl trick or treating, hope you guys have a great Halloween be safe!

Doesn't my nails remind you of his shirt or am I a crazy woman?