Saturday, October 8, 2011

orly fowl play • it's finally mine!

I was having the absolute worst day ever! it was just one crappy thing after another I couldn't wait to go home and crawl into bed, and then I got the mail and I had the best gift ever! My sweet sweet friend Amy from IM FEELING-NAILVENTEROUS sent me orly fowl play, it made my horrible day so much better! Thank you so much Amy I seriously heart you! I love this polish so much it's seriously gorgeous! I could stare at my nails all dang day lol, I can see why merry midnight is so sought after. Were you lucky enough to get this one? I had been searching for it and it was always sold out, I'm so lucky to have such a nice friend!

P.S  blogger won't publish my posts on the dashboard/reader as soon as I post them it will only like 12 hours or more later is anyone else having that problem or know how to fix it? see im publishing this post now at 5pm and it wont post till tonight or even tomorow probably, it sucks but i dont know how to fix it :-(