Saturday, October 22, 2011

Notd and some other crap

Hi strangers! Its been forever since I posted or at least it feels like that to me,  I've been way too busy and tired to post like i normally do having a job sucks so bad sometimes I just hate being a responsible adult, so anyway I don't really have anything good to show you I picked up china glaze  Dorothy who because I saw the cutest nail art tutorial on YouTube and wanted to attempt it,  so first here is just Dorothy who alone, this just happens to be what I'm wearing today... sorry for the craptastic pic i missed the sun today and had to be happy with work lighting...

Then just something dad got me some polishes I'm always so happy when anyone gets me polishes because i feel like its so thoughtful that they know I'm crazy for polish, I've never heard of this brand before so I'm very excited to try them there is one that is matte and a matte top coat I like the bottles too! Has anyone tried this brand and if so how do you like it?

If your still reading this post then your in for a real treat at my expense lol just kidding but no not really remember how I said I wanted Dorothy who so I could attempt some super cute nail art from a YouTube video well first here's the video this chick has some serious nail art skills, so then here is a pic of me attempting this on my sister and I failed big time but I blame it on the fact I used polish and not acrylic paint so I plan to get some and try again so here is another craptastic picture...

so sorry for my sub par post and crappy pics ya know I use my iPhone for all my pictures Its just so easy for me to post right from my phone because I'm hardly on my computer I do all my blogging from my phone, so I wanted to ask you my friends are my pictures always crappy? should I get over being afraid of my camera and my compooter?? Ok sorry for making this crappy post even longer if you've gotten this far I consider you a true friend! Goodnight

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